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 AdEx Network

AdEx Network is a self-serve advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers directly - with no middlemen or unnecessary fees. AdEx Network's blockchain-powered platform, advertisers and publishers can rely on transparent, verifiable real-time data and reporting.  

About AdEx Network 

AdEx Network (ADX) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. AdEx Network has a current supply of 100,000,000 with 99,999,999.99 in circulation. 

With over 9 million transactions AdEx Network is currently the largest payment channel network on Ethereum.  

Premium Ad Network

With AdEx, you cut off intermediaries and save on unnecessary fees. We help advertisers and publishers maximize results and revenues - with the added value of real-time verifiable reporting. 

Daily Impressions of AdEx Network


Registerd corporate Users of AdEx Network


Who Can Earn From AdEx Network?

Website owners

No matter if you own a website with 10,000 monthly unique visitors or an Alexa Top 1,000 media, AdEx is an excellent tool to monetize your audience. 

Mobile developers

If you are looking for alternative ways to add revenue to your mobile app or your app isn’t approved by Google, try AdEx network.

Local niche media

AdEx Network is a perfect alternative to Google Adsense if you are just starting or if your website runs in various languages, other than English.

98% + fill rates of AdEx Network

So far, our publishers have seen average fill rates of 98+%, so once you integrate AdEx you will be earning all the time.

How To Start With AdEx Network

1. Register using email address and verify your domain

2. Place ad slots on your website

3. Start

Withdraw and Payment

Withdraw whenever you wants. Adex Network support direct DAI deposits; deposits in BTC, ETH or XRP via Changelly; as well as Fiat currencies for deposits (i.e. topping up your AdEx account). Withdrawals are only carried out in DAI. 

Why AdEx For advertisers

Self-serve platform

Adex reduced complexity to a minimum, so that everyone can easily spread their message through AdEx ads.

Free to use, no third party fees

Optimize your advertising budget and save on unnecessary third party commissions and fees.Real-time reporting

Understand which channels work best for you with transparent real-time reporting.

IAB banner formats supported

Run all standard banner ad sizes approved by IAB, accounting for more than 85% of all the display ads served.


AdEx doesn’t store end users data which makes it fully compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc.

Full custody of funds

Unlike most ad networks, AdEx Network won’t keep or lock your funds. On the AdEx Platform, you have full custody of your money and can withdraw your earnings whenever you want - with no minimum withdrawal requirement. 

No fees for using the platform

AdEx is a self-serving platform. It’s so simple, you just don’t need someone to sell your inventory for you. No middlemen means more ad revenue for you. How much you will make is up to what price you set on your inventory and how well it performs.

Benefit For advertisers

Several benefit for using AdEx Network. Some as follows-

◆Quick registration

◆Real-time reports

◆Payments in crypto currency, onboarding in all currencies

◆Geo-targeting and affinity categories

PROS of AdEx Network


Limited competitors

User Features

CONS oAdEx Network

No backing (asset, profits, commodity)

Limited marketing.

Limited Ad types

AdEx Makes Display Advertising Made Simpler

Register With 5 Clicks

Sign Up For AdEx In Just A Few Clicks And Start Advertising And Earning Straight Away. No Matter If You’re An Advertiser Or A Publisher, Getting Started With AdEx Takes As Little Time As Possible.

Self-Governed Ad Marketplace

We Empower A Free And Self-Governed Ad Market With No Centralised Restrictions On What Can And Can’t Be Advertised.

Real-Time Reporting

Track The Performance Of Your Campaigns Or Your Ad Inventory In Real Time And Reduce The Risk Of Ad Fraud And False Reporting.

Privacy-Preserving Targeting

We Value The Privacy Of Individuals And AdEx Has Been Designed With That In Mind. No End User Data Will Ever Be Uploaded To AdEx Servers And Paired With Data From Other Sources.

Payment Channels & Layer 2 Scaling

Scaling Transaction Volume Is Not An Issue For AdEx Network Thanks To OUTPACE: Our Layer 2 Payment Channels Solution Which Allows Small Payments For Each Individual Impression – A Unique Benefit For Advertisers And Publishers On The Platform.

Crypto Volatility Solved

The AdEx Platform Runs Using Two Cryptocurrencies – The ADX Token And The DAI Stablecoin. Frequent Price Fluctuations Are A Concern For Using Crypto For Standard Business Payments, So We Implemented The DAI Stablecoin As Payment Method Between Advertisers And Publishers On The Platform. The ADX Token Is Vital For Running Validator Nodes On The AdEx Network.