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BitMedia - Bitmedia.io - Crypto Currencies Ads Network

Earn Crypto Zone: Bitmedia is one of the best advertising platform that allows Bitcoin resource owners to buy and sell thematic traffic. The professional Bitcoin advertising network offers ads at reasonable prices with a minimum bid price starting from 0,0000075 (CPM) and 0,0000055 (CPC) per click. Its algorithms automatically choose the effective advertising spaces, taking into account the history of the impressions, and the interests of each visitor. Launched in 2014, Bitmedia plays a key role in the mainstream adoption of bitcoin and digital currencies.

About Bitmedia:

Bitmedia is an advertising platform, created within Bitcoin community. Looking to increase your crypto website ads revenue whilst promoting top businesses in the industry? Fed up with unstable payouts?
Meet Bitmedia, the leading bitcoin ad network for publishers!  

Monthly Impressions
Monthly Uniques
20 000+
Ad Campaigns Served

To Join Bitmedia Please Click: bitmedia.io

Meet the most profitable ad network for publishers:

Bitmedia ad network is a transparent and secure way to monetize web traffic. It always find the right ad content for you to publish and guarantee instant payouts, whilst our industry leading toolkit aids quick and tailored setup and onboarding process.

Why choose Bitmedia’s bitcoin advertising for publishers?

Range topping traffic revenue
Increase your earnings as a publisher of bitcoin ads and get access to the highest paying commissions on the market.
◆Instant payments
Peace of mind attitude to your remuneration. Withdraw at any moment, to any bitcoin address.
◆Start publishing crypto ads in two clicks
Streamlined banner integration tools allow you to start monetizing your web traffic within minutes after registration on Bitmedia platform.
◆Ad formats that suit all needs
Bitmedia’s convenient ad formats not only compliment the look of your website, but are also designed to convert well, maximising your income streams.

Flexible publishing tools:

Floor CPM
Set up the minimum cost per impression on your website to filter through the advertisers that pay less than your fixed revenue threshold.

Bitcoin ad formats allow you to choose and switch between two remuneration models. You can either monetize your website traffic via CPM, which is where you get paid for every 1000 impressions a given ad gets, or via CPC, during which remuneration comes from every click Bitmedia banner attracts.
Your website is an asset, waiting to be monetized with most effective ad formats and high paying commissions on the market

How to monetize your web traffic with BitMedia?

Looking to increase your crypto website ads revenue whilst promoting top businesses in the industry? Fed up with unstable payouts?
Meet Bitmedia, the leading bitcoin ad network for publishers!
Created to cater publishers of all sizes, our bitcoin ads platform offers easy integration, most profitable ad formats with highest paying commissions, instant payouts and most detailed statistics!

How can You start making money?

If you have an account or you already advertise with BitMedia.IO, just skip this step and go directly to the manual. You can submit a Publisher request from any Bitmedia account.
New to BitMedia bitcoin advertising for publishers? Not to worry, just follow the simple steps below and start monetizing your bitcoin traffic right away!
1. Create an account on our Bitcoin advertising network
Activate it by following the link sent to your inbox. Letter didn’t arrive? - check if the email you specified is correct. We usually advise trusted email services like Gmail or Yahoo.
Still no email? Our support team will be glad to help!
2. Fill in the publisher request form
Make sure you go through all the information in the form before submitting your website. In case you have further questions, just contact our support team or read the FAQ.
3. Wait for your request to be approved
We take publisher approvals very seriously and therefore always check if your audience comply with our standards and code of calibre. Check our publisher approval criteria.

How to add Bitmedia ad unit to your website:

1. Visit Home > Publisher Dashboard > Publisher Blocks
2. Select most fitting ad banner type
3. Click on Get Block Code and copy the code via Copy to Clipboard button
4. Open your website’s HTML code
5. Locate the place where Bitmedia crypto ad banner should be
6. Insert the code we copied earlier
7. Save the changes!

Ads backup setup:

Navigate to your crypto ad banner on Bitmedia platform
1. Click Edit
2. Select the Backup Ads type that suits you the most
3. Transparent - bitcoin ad banner with transparent background
4. Fill With Colour - adds colour to your ad unit
AdSense HTML code - HTML only without JS. Ad banner contains a picture and a link
HTML with JS code - use both HTML and JS as a backup. Can be a dynamic ads banner that displays multiple timed pictures
Fill in the required fields. Please note that for HTML and JS code backup, it is compulsory to fill in one of the three fields.
Click Save and you are done!

To Join Bitmedia Please Click: bitmedia.io

BitMedia Pros:

•  Focuses on making it simple and efficient for users
•  Advertisers can choose which publishers they would like to publish with
•  Number of tools to assist advertisers
•  Focuses on making the advertising network accessible to all

BitMedia Cons:

•  A lower number of impressions when compared with competitors
•  Around since late 2015 so still relatively 

Bitmedia minimum withdrawal amount:

Clicks revenue is added to your main balance 7 days after it enters your pending account. Bitmedia kee your funds on the pending balance for 7 days because they analyse the quality of bitcoin ads traffic and clicks first. Once your profit is transferred to the main account, you are free to withdraw it at any moment. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0,01 BTC

Join with But media: bitmedia.io
Contact Email support@bitmedia.io
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