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Earn Crypto Zone: Coinpayu is a free rewards platform where you can earn bitcoin by viewing advertisements or doing offers. This website is also an advertising website where advertisers can advertise their ads in front of many viewers and users of Coinpayu.  Earn Free Bitcoin By Viewing Ads With Coinpayu. 

Who Can Join With Coinpayu? 

World's largest free crypto platform. From worldwide are welcome to join Coinpayu. They have no restrictions on any country. The only condition is accepting their terms of service and privacy policy.

The payment is processed in 3 business days. No payment at weekends.You can check the exact payment time at History - Withrawals. 

Tutorial Of Coinpayu As Below
Create account coinpayu

◆ Register Coinpayu Account At:   https://www.coinpayu.com

Step 1: Click on ‘Register’

Step 2: Create Your username, enter Your email

Step 3: Create login password, enter Your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address

Step 4: Tick in 2 boxes and click on ‘Register’

Step 5: Check Your email to get confirmation code

Step 6: Enter Your code to confirm registration

Step 7: Login To Your Account:

Step 8: Click on ‘View Ads’: Choose ‘Surf Ads’ and ‘Active Window Ads’ to view ads to earn Bitcoin (BTC) free

Step 9: Click on ‘Dashboard’: Choose ‘Withdraw’

Step 10: Enter BTC of Amount and click on ‘Withdraw’ 

– Referral Rewards: Earn extra Bitcoin (BTC) per referral

Tips for earning money with Coinpayu

1. Join their weekly contest for you to earn more coins or rewards.

2. Refer your friends or any advertisers that you know so you can earn passively without doing anything.

3. Watch many ads and do unlimited offers for you to earn more.

Coinpayu Minimum Withdrawal Fee

You can convert your earned satoshi to any coins you like to withdraw. 

Coinpayu Withdraw

Mission Of Coinpayu 

Freedom to crypto for people from worldwide.

85% of system revenue will be distributed to our users. The more contribution of users, the more revenues you will have.

Coinpayu team revenue will be used for system development, team salary and system infrastructure fees, which will constantly improve the Coinpayu system.

Coinpayu is not just Coinpayu's. It's belonging to our community.

Referral bonus

Your referral earnings will base on your membership level. You can earn from 15% up to 400% if you become a Senior Partner. You can also make from 10 to 20% advertisement sales commission when you invite advertisers.

Coinpayu withdraw

What does Coinpayu offer?

First things first, Coinpayu.com is a legit Paid-To-Click (PTC) site that will pay you for viewing ads.

If you want to understand how well you can earn from this site, you have to take a closer look at the earning opportunities it offers.

PROS Of Coinpayu

1. It is available to anyone around the globe for registration without any country restriction.

2. Very low minimum payout threshold of 2,000 Satoshi (around $1 USD)

3. A good range of earning opportunities

4. It is mobile friendly

5. Secure with 2FA authentication

CONS Of Coinpayu

1. Low earning potential that might not worth your time and effort.

2. Only payout in Crypto currency and no other options, so this site is not suitable for those who are skeptical on Crypto

3. The owner of the site cannot be identified

Is Coinpayu Scam?

Coinpayu is not a scam and is paying to their members. You can earn from coinpayu at home. It is 100% legit PTC site. If you want to earn from this site, don't just click advertisements, you must also complete the surveys and offer.

FOR ADVERTISERS – Get crypto related traffic by advertising.

FOR USERS – Earn Bitcoins just by clicking ads or promoting us.

FOR EARNER - Earn Free Bitcoin By Viewing Ads

* For more information, click at:  https://www.coinpayu.com